The technology of the future is presented in Espoo


At the European Researchers' Night at Iso Omena library in Espoo, researchers show and tell how technology will positively change our life in the future. 

Senior Scientist Matti Tähtinen will tell about future food production and crickets farming. Photo: European Researchers' Night in Heureka 2016/Anniina Nissinen. 

European Researchers' Night takes over Iso Omena library in Espoo. Researchers of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will present what future may bring to technology. The topics move around future foods, robots in nursing homes and shopping centres, cleaner environment, recycling of textiles and smart cities, among others. 

Connectivity in the future will be discussed also, for example how flexible solar panels will become a part of our surroundings, will sports technology replace a coach in the future and how you can prepare for everyday information security threats. 

Berries from plant cells and other stories

In future new ways to produce food are needed because of the burden that agriculture is causing to the environment. Research Scientist Lauri Reuter will tell how berries can be produced from plant cells in the home kitchen. In fact, the future is already now as food ingredients have been produced from plant cells at VTT. 

And what should be done for the over three million tons of textiles thrown away in Europe every year? According to Research Professor Ali Harlin new ways of recycling waste give an opportunity to change Europe's textile production and trade in a revolutionary way.  

By organizing the event in a library, the aim is to reach people of different ages who don't normally visit science centres and are not necessarily familiar with the latest work carried out by researchers.

The goal is to break the boundaries between science and public and open up a dialogue. European Researchers' Night is not interesting only for the public but also for the researchers – it is an opportunity for them to hear what people have to say about their research. 

More information:
Espoo programme of the European Researchers' Night. 

Please note that the demos in the programme are presented in Finnish but the researchers are very happy to present and discuss about their research also in English.