Five tips for Jyväskylä's European Researchers' Night!


At the European Researchers' Night in Jyväskylä you can get to know more about science through workshops, meeting the researchers, lectures and laboratory visits.  See stunning light installations, visit a Space Truck and build your own Pokémon family tree. Here you can find tips for the program! 

1. How Pokémons have evolved?
Did you know that Pokémons are based on real species? Come to see which came first, ground Pokémon or grass Pokémon. You can create your own family trees and learn about how scientists classify and study real species. There will be also many lure modules at the biology department during the event.

Where: Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Ambiotica
When: Pokémon evolution 6 pm - 11 pm

2. Flash of Light’n’inspiration
The event is organized in connection with the “One Hundred Years, A Thousand Meanings” -exhibition. How natural scientist interpret the works of art? You can also attend workshops to produce and study works of art using methods from the sciences.

Where: Jyväskylä art museum, Kauppakatu 23
When: Exhibition & workshops 11 am - 9 pm

3. The University Library X-files (organized only in Finnish)
The library's archive collection doors are open to the public. In guided tours, acquaint yourself with material that has in different times attracted disapproval and has even been considered dangerous. On display will be a wide range of dubious, hidden and incorrect publications related to, for example, sex life, eugenics, prohibitionary liquor law and war propaganda. 

Where: Jyväskylä University Library, Seminaarinkatu 15
When: The University Library X-files | no participants under 18 yrs old. 5 pm & 6:30 pm

4. Open house at the Department of Physics
Last year's hit in the program, the open doors at the Department of Physics and the Accelerator Laboratory offer for example a lecture about colliding black holes and a live broadcast from CERN. In the Space Truck you can learn about the Finnish space endeavour and see a satellite mock-up. 

During the European Researchers' Night a light installation is also revealed at the Ylistö-bridge and Ylistönrinne building becomes alive. The installations are a part of City of Light -event, which is a partner of the Night.

Where: Physics Department YFL & the Accelerator laboratory
When: Open house 4 pm - 11 pm, "After black holes collided..." -lecture 8 pm - 9 pm, CERN interactive live stream 7 pm - 8 pm, Space Truck starting from 4 pm, next to hotel Alba

5. Do you have a physique of an athlete?
Perform physical functions tests where your results will be compared to athletes, celebrities and animals. Come and listen also to lectures of sports topics. There will be information for example about active aging and the generations of Finnish sports commentation. 

Where: Seminaarinmäki, Liikunta-rakennus (L), Keskussairaanlantie 4
When: Lectures 5 pm - 10 pm, Testing market 4 pm - 10 pm 

See the whole program in Jyväskylä here. The program for children is available here (in Finnish). Please note that a part of the children's program requires a registration.