The European Researchers’ Night in Finland was celebrated on the last Friday of September, 29.09.2017 in 14 cities. At the event the visitors encountered science in various ways.


The European Researchers’ Night events have been organized on the last Friday of September in hundreds of cities since the year 2005. What will happen in these different events all around Europe this Friday? 


At the European Researchers' Night in Jyväskylä you can get to know more about science through workshops, meeting the researchers, lectures and laboratory visits.  


The European Researchers’ Night is a European-wide science event organized on Friday 29th of September 2017 in altogether 14 cities all over Finland.


The European Researchers’ Night comes to 14 cities around Finland on Friday 29th of September. Here you can find examples of program in English. 


At the European Researchers' Night at Iso Omena library in Espoo, researchers will show and tell how technology will positively change our life in the future. 


How big is the biggest robot in Finland? What is the food of the future like? And what is hidden in the X-files of the Jyväskylä University library?


Researchers´ Night 2017 has two themes. First one is the Change, which was the theme of the event also in 2016. Another one is Finland.


European Researchers´ Night gathered a great audience in all thirteen localities it took place in Finland. Altogether over 15 000 people visited Night´s workshops, performances, lectures and clubs.


Think Corner, Allegra Lab Helsinki, Hanken Research Day and Science Battle in Turku are live streamed. Find more about the streamings in here!